Monday, August 6, 2007

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We hope you’re finding this a great boost to your life – and thanks so much for all your messages of support. Please keep them coming.Perhaps, though, things aren’t quite as good as they can be all the time. There may be times when your sense of your body and of your sexual self isn’t quite what it could be. Some of the messages we’ve received have been about issues with levels of arousal, so we’d like to address that subject here.

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Getting in touch with ourselvesGiven the pace of modern life, it may well be things aren’t always perfect. Do you ever feel not fully switched on, sexually speaking? Perhaps finding sometimes you don’t become fully aroused? Perhaps feeling a bit disconnected from your body? It can happen to us all from time to time, through stress, for example, or just because we’ve been neglecting the touchy-feely side of life for too long. If you feel you could do with getting back in touch with your body, it could be time to take a few hours with your partner, using non-sexual touch to explore and enhance your feelings, your physical sensations and, tied closely in with these, your emotions.Sensate-focusWith your partner, take it in turns to give and receive pleasure through touch. Use a little lotion or massage oil. Touch all over, front and back but avoid, for now, the obvious hot-spots, the genitals.When you are being touched, focus on the sensations your partner is giving you. How does it feel when different parts of your body are touched? Find words to describe these feelings – warm, soft, deep or tingly, for example. You’ll find your own words. Use this opportunity really to become aware of your physical responses and to focus on your body’s sensations. You might find there are parts of your body which respond very strongly, which perhaps haven’t been touched in a while, which have, perhaps, become ‘armoured’ against intimate touch, and which therefore need special attention, which you’ll find really rewarding.And when it’s your turn to touch your partner, really focus on the pleasure you are giving him or her, almost as if you can feel your partner’s pleasure through your hands. Ask how your partner experiences touch in different areas of his or her body. You might say: ‘How does that feel there?’Exercises such as this are often prescribed by therapists to people who feel they aren’t as sexually responsive as they might be – and also, as it happens, to people who are over-sensitive. We can all, though, benefit – especially at those times when loving touch and careful attention to put us back in touch with our partners and ourselves can do more for us than straight-out intercourse. We do want this to be YOUR Lovers’ Guide – so do let us have your suggestions for re-connecting with yourself and your partner to share with other lovers. Email: More sensations

For more, fun ways of enjoying how it feels to touch and be touched by your partner, try these suggestions:

Wash your partner’s hair. Massage, with your fingertips, a tea-tree oil conditioner into the scalp.

Kiss and breathe each other’s air as you stroke each other’s face.

Oil yourselves and slide against each other. Use your whole body to give and receive sensation.

Kiss and massage your partner’s feet. Run your thumbs across the knuckles, in both directions at once, energizing and releasing tension.

Have a blindfolded food-tasting session – with all your favourite treats.

Listen together to a piece of music you both love – not watching TV – so you can close your eyes and be with each other sensually.

Choose one night each week to explore different aromatherapy massage oils – or have a ‘his’ and a ‘her’ night.

Find each other’s ticklish spots and arouse yourselves to the point they’re no longer ticklish but sensational.
Sensual touchYou’ll find plenty more ways to share really sensual, sexy touch with your partner on the Lovers’ Guide DVDs – click through here.And when you are in the mood for the most intimate kinds of touch, try our most recommended personal lubricant, ID Millennium, in the Lovers’ Guide shop. It’s simply better than the lubricants you’ll probably find in the local chemists. For this and our great range of Lovers’ Guide sex toys,


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